Sunday, 16 January 2011

One win, one loss, not bad I suppose.

With it being the middle Sunday of the month I set off to Hythe for a day’s gaming wiv da boyz, we had the usual crowd in and Mickey and I had a game whilst Dan and Data played on the other table (ooer) I went up against Space Marines with Necrons. I would like to be able to say it was a tough battle, but since I decided to start the game with a Monolith, 20 warriors and a Lord in reserve, Mickey managed to do some serious damage to the six destroyers, 3 heavy Destroyers and Destroyer Lord that were already on the table, Taking first turn I couldn’t do much, with the majority of the Marine infantry making full use of available cover all I could do was take pot shots at a predator and a dreadnought. The dreadnought was shaken but the extra armour on the tank proved to be just a little too tough for gauss cannon to puncture. On Mickey’s first turn he dropped an Ironclad Dreadnought into close assault with three destroyers, killing them with little effort. At the start of my second turn I rolled to see if the Monolith would arrive, it didn’t! So I tried to take out some of the tactical Squad that had just moved out of cover, 9 shots took out one Blood Raven. The luck of the dice continued to be against me as the dreadnought retaliated and took out a heavy destroyer and three lascannon on the predator took out three destroyers, fortunately I had a resurrection orb in play so I didn’t lose all three straight away, but failing two out of three we’ll be back rolls put paid to two of the fallen destroyers and yet another failed reserve roll meant that the Monolith with its cargo of destruction meant that my third turn was going to be a struggle, and my last if Mike rolled well. As fate would have it, he didn’t. Although my force was severely reduced I managed to score a glancing hit on the dreadnought and that resulted in a shaken, turning my attention to the ironclad a penetrating hit from the remaining heavy destroyer caused it to explode. Mike destroyed the remaining destroyer, moving into turn four and I finally made a decent reserve roll and the Monolith arrived on the battle field. The troops within poured onto the scene firing gauss flayers as they exited. The lord joined the fray, bringing down a small number of one of the tac squads, it would have been more but armour saves assured that the majority of the squad remained to fight, and fight they did. I can’t really remember much from this point; I really must start making notes so that I can put a more detailed battle report together. What I do know is that the Monolith scored two glancing hits against the dreadnought resulting in both weapons being destroyed and a melta shot from a servitor wrecked the Monolith. The game ended with my Necrons phasing out and Mike being very happy that he had finally beaten the Necrons.

My second game was against my oldest adversary, Smiffy. We decided to play as close to 2000 points as we could and ended up fielding 1975. My force was pretty much the same as had put against Mike, plus another twenty warriors and the Nightbringer. For this second game I must admit that the man of the match goes to the C’tan. It dealt with Smiffys' Chaos lord quite rapidly, but the with six S10 unsavable wounds I would have been very surprised if it hadn’t. It also finished off a squad of Chaos Marines whilst my destroyer lord finally ended a close combat with a chaos sorcerer that had been waged for at least three turns. When the game ended It was won on kill points, four two to me. That gives me two wins over Smiffy this week; I had one on Wednesday when we had a Chaos Space Marines v Space Marines battle. The worrying bit is, that he’s overdue a victory and I don’t doubt that it will be quite a devastating win when he gets it, I’m off to work out a force that he will struggle against.