Tuesday, 20 April 2010

From little acorns…

Wow, quite simply, wow. what a turn out for last Sunday! There were, including myself, 7 people at the shop on Sunday. ok so 7 may not sound much, but considering it’s only the second session and last session there was 3, our numbers have more than doubled. a total of 5 games were played, the Blood angels faced of against an Ork warband. A Necron Force taught the forces of Chaos a lesson in making sure you’ve got something that can score penetrating hits against a monolith, the Blood angels then faced of against a Tau Force. from what I could gather the Blood Angels took the victory by a very narrow margin. the Chapter Aurelius then faced off against a rather stubborn Imperial Guard force led by the traitor Yarrick. It took some work but the traitor finally fell under a barrage of Whirlwind bombardment and plasma fire, but he fell none the less. Although the 9th took casualties due some poorly made choices in the location of frag missile placemen. eventually the 9th Legion stood victorious over the fool hardy guardsmen. Although Marcus Aurelius’ heart hangs heavy at the thought of slaying so many of the Emperors finest. but if they insist on hunting his men down then he is left with no option than to unleash the hounds of battle. another battle that took place was between the forces of Chaos. Who, still licking the wounds inflicted upon them earlier by the Necrons, encountered a rogue Tyrannid force. The Chaos Marines were not having a good day as I believe they lost what appeared to be a simple bug hunt*. I suspect a rematch on that one is on the cards, that will make for an interesting day.

I am almost ready to start painting the Tau Force that has been a WIP for far too long. I can’t wait to have the chance to get the army on the battle field and unleash them against any who are foolish enough to think they have a chance of victory against them. For the greater good!

See you Saturday


*additional entry: It has been bought to my attention by the commander of the Chaos Force that the above battle report may be somewhat inaccurate. Therefore said commander has informed me that he will be submitting his own report on this skirmish. Seems to me that a defeat is still a defeat no matter how much you pretty it up. but hey ho! I look forward to receiving the ammended report and once I have it I'll add it to the blog and the relevant yahoo group. I did suggest that he could use the excuse, ahem, reasoning that he had been using my dice, we all know how rubbish they are. I expect I'll get my ear bent for the additional entry but there ya go!

++++++++++++++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++++++++++++++


DATE:- 5681753M41


AUTHOR:- **********


16th May 2010 Standard Terra Time (death to the false Emperor).

On the above date a warp storm hit the Battle Force of the Demon Prince ’Pestilent Spore’ causing two of its Battle Frigates to be sent to unknown Planets.

The first arrived above a planet which showed no form of life on scanners, but had a high reading of energy near the centre of what appeared to be a destroyed city. Unable to find any records of the planet in his ships data records the Lord of Nurgle decided to send three squads of Chaos Space Marines and a Dreadnought armed with Multi-melta to ascertain what the power source was.

The Chaos Marines were immediately attacked and subsequently overwhelmed by a force of metal machines that were regenerated by a pyramid shaped building that appeared to float above the ground. The Chaos Lord, unsure of what his troops on the ground were relaying to him, did deep strike into the battle zone with three of his Terminator retinue; straight in front of the ’pyramid’. The Terminators each released a bolt of melta fire from their combi-weapons but were unable to do any damage to the ’pyramid’; they were then destroyed disgustingly quickly by the weapons used by the machines. The Dreadnought faired just as badly being unable to get in shooting range of the ’pyramid’ before it was immobilised.

The second Battle Frigate arrived above a planet with endless life sign readings. Never one to miss an opportunity to spread the word (and diseased spore) of Nurgle, the Chaos Lord in charge of this Frigate dispatched troops to the planet and included 2 spawn and a Havoc squad.

The planet had been taken by Tyranids and the Chaos Space Marines were soon heavily engaged with Genestealer hordes; the spawn attacked but must have been forsaken by the Gods as they turned to puppies and were both swiftly destroyed. The Marines managed to destroy the Genestealers but suffered heavy casualties in the fighting. The Havoc squad managed to cause multiple wounds to an attacking Harpy (a beautifully converted model by the way) but failed to destroy it when they wasted shots at an approaching Hive Tyrant. The Tyrant was subsequently destroyed by an Aspiring Champion with power fist. A moment of panic set in when a Mawloc attempted to enter the battle, but the creature had a mishap and disappeared into the warp.

Throughout the battle the Chaos Lord, and Terminator retinue, attempted to Deep strike to no-avail; the Battle Frigate had obviously been damaged by the warp storm!

I had great fun playing both games and soon realised that heavy weapons are a must have when fighting both the Necrons and Tyranids. Both games ended after turn 4 - against the Necrons because my Chaos Marines had been slaughtered (I couldn’t roll what I wanted all game) - against the ’Nids due to time constraints. I managed to win the Tyranid battle on points scored, mainly because the Mawloc managed to scatter off the table edge when it attempted to enter play; needless to say I was extremely grateful for this. I would like to have been able to get in a fifth turn to see how my Lord and retinue would cope; maybe next time!

+++++++++++++++TRANSMISSION ENDS+++++++++++++++++++

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pease Take Note

Hello gang,
A bit of a grumble, last Saturday a few of those attending the gaming day were more than a little uncontrollable. PLEASE, remember that we are in the public eye and have to set a good example. the way the guys behave is a direct reflection on the shop. when young folk are running around shouting and playing about, customers don't want to come in. no customers means that Sue's business is at risk. we MUST do everything possible to show members of the public that the average 14-18 year olds are not out of control louts. It came very close to people getting injured last week. this will NOT be tolerated. If you want to run around like mad things, please find the appropriate location to do so. the shop isn't it. In direct response to last Saturday, Sue and I ask that you limit the amount of high energy drinks you have when at the shop. if you want to hang out with your mates, be somewhere else.
Message ends