Sunday, 12 December 2010

Blood Angels, now there’s a chapter to be feared!

Another Sunday has passed, the last AGS of the year, a low turnout but fun was had. First to arrive was Mickey, soon followed by Dan. Mike had bought along the blood raven space marines and Dan had his Blood Angels, an unpleasant taste is in my mouth as I write the name of the last chapter. It is the taste of defeat. Dan suggested a 1000 point battle, a simple annihilation, simple my foot. We rolled for deployment, although Dan won the roll he insisted that I deploy first. An unusual tactic, but I soon discovered why, Dan was fielding and entire force comprised of assault squads. Turn 1: since there were no BA’s on the table all I could do was take up a defensive position and hunker down in the hope that one of my five squads would sight movement on the battle field. Turn 2: As my Terminator squad teleported onto the battlefield, the wail of jump packs filled the air as a squad of Blood Angels descended from above heading for my devastator squad. As they fell from the sky their jump packs stuttered and died. The marines plummeted to the ground, smashing through the floor of a building, their bodies crushed from the impact; all that could be done was to mutter a prayer to the Emperor to guard their souls. The rest of the force must have become apprehensive about performing an orbital drop as no other Marines arrived to collect their fallen brethren. Turn three: Blood Angels rained from the sky, this time none of the jump packs failed and they took position in some of the ruins of a once great city. The battle brothers of the ninth legion expected them to advance, instead they withdrew, making full use of available cover. A few shots were hurled at the warriors of the Chapter Aurelius, none of which did any real damage. The Terminator Squad and the Dreadnought moved in on one of the Blood Angel squads, the Dreadnought launched a krak missile into the unit, bringing down one of them. It then unleashed a ball of plasma fire, despatching two marines. The Terminator squad opened fire with an assault cannon and four storm Bolters, bringing down four more men. The Devastator squad also opened fire, further reducing the enemy squads number by three. Unfortunately the Plasma cannon overheated, the Marine carrying the weapon managed to avoid serious injury.

From the top of another ruin a squad of snipers fired at the same squad, although the shots found their marks they failed to bring down any of the Blood Angels. Once again the BA’s did not act as anticipated. I expected the squad that had taken losses to move against either the Terminators or the Dreadnought, instead they retreated further into the ruin. It appeared they were apprehensive about firing upon their own, whatever their plan was it was soon to be played out. Turn 4, the air was once again filled with the all too familiar scream of jump packs, Dante and a squad appeared behind the devastator squad. Dante fired his Infernus pistol into the squad, although the shot hit, the targeted marines armour protected him and no damage was taken, the rest of the squad fired bolters into the squad, bring one of them down, removing the hazard of the las-cannon. Suddenly the blood Angels poured out of the protection of the ruin and opened fire with flamers, choosing the Devastator squad as their target but doing no harm. Dante then led his squad into combat with the Devastator squad, eradicating them before they had a chance to strike back. The unit of blood Angels that had been reduced to just two men charged toward the Terminators, no doubt hoping to bring them down with chain swords and pistol fire. Although they managed to slay two of the Terminator squad the retaliation was merciless and the last two members of the blood angel squad were cut down, their blood staining the ground. The Terminators found no solace in this victory; they were fighting not only for their lives but for the honour of the chapter Aurelius. The blood Angels are devoutly loyal in the service of the Emperor and have sworn to eradicate any that do not swear allegiance to the god emperor. The Terminators and the Dreadnought turned their attention to squad Dante. Storm bolter and assault cannon fire tore through the air, felling two of the squad, Dante remained untouched. Meanwhile the sniper squad, eager to join the fray, reposition so that they stood a better chance of targeting Dante. By the time they had braced their weapons the Terminators had already charged into combat. Squad Dante were too quick and unrelenting in their assault, cutting the mighty Terminators down before they could act. Turn five saw the final squad of blood angels make landfall close to the tactical squad that had so far missed any of the action, The Angels fired into the squad killing two men. Squad Dante broke and their commanding officer tore into the Dreadnoughts armour, damaging the servos that operate the legs; the continued assault resulted in the Dreadnoughts plasma cannon being ripped from its mounting, all the machine could do was pivot on the spot in the hope of acquiring a target lock with the missile pod. The remainder of squad Dante slaughtered the sniper squad. The Ninth legions captain broke cover, firing a melta shot at Commander Dante, although the shot scored a hit, the emperor was watching over his favoured son and he survived the shot. The tactical squad fired on the assault squad that had attacked them moments before, although the entire squad was slain, the battle forces victory was short lived as the remaining members of squad Dante eviscerated the Ninths captain but not before he could cleave in two one of them. Dante stood victorious over the fallen captain, there was nothing more the remaining space marines of the chapter Aurelius could other than retreat, carrying with them the hope that one day their honour will be restored and they would once again be embraced by the Emperor they lived to serve. Until then they will continue to fight all enemies, whether they be a part of the Xenos threat to the future of mankind, or the brethren they longed to fight beside under a single cause. On receiving the news that his men had failed to find a world where the disgraced ninth legion could find respite, Chapter Master Marcus Aurelius destroyed a console on his battle barges bridge, vowing that for the next encounter his warriors would show no mercy, no relent, they would eradicate the next enemy from the galaxy and send them begging for the Emperors grace.