Sunday, 21 March 2010

a bit disappointed!

Hi gang,
sadly the first adult gaming session didn't get off to a resounding start. Including myself there were only two others turned up. So a big thank you to Steve and David, also to David for a very enjoyable game. I'm beginning to think that I should class Necrons as a preferred enemy, as I would get bonuses against them and might stand a chance. :O) Having looked at the calendar for the next few weeks, I shall ask Sue if i can do another session on Sunday 18th of April. I'll publicise it better and hopefully attract a bit more interest. The point limit of 1000 to 1500 seems to work. I would like to have an Apocalypse game one Sunday as it would give players a chance to field the big stuff such as super-heavies.
I'll draw a poster up that advertises the next session and hope to see a few more people next time. Maybe the offer of free tea and cake may prove to be an incentive.

This first adult session saw a pitched battle between the Chapter Aurelius and the mechanical menace that are the Necrons. It had come to the attention of the chapters Techmarines that some Necron tech had been detected on deserted planet near the Crisium Border. Three Tactical squads, a devastator squad and a scout squad were accompanied by two dreadnought had been tasked with retrieving as much of the Xenos tech as possible. What initially appeared to be a routine retrieval soon became a violent and costly encounter. Unknown to the troops on the ground, a Necron force had also made land fall on this remote barren world, intent on regaining their own. Silently the Necron skimmers that are classified as destroyers and Heavy Destroyers floated across the terrain. Upon sighting a dreadnought they unleashed a stream of unearthly gauss fire ripping through the Dreadnoughts armour and sending it to the four winds. Squad tertius made its way to the nearest objective and dug in. In the distance a mass of gleaming metal indicated that a unit of warriors were also making headway to an objective. Meanwhile the scouts reported that the force had been accompanied by an entity classed as a Necron Lord. The Scouts were ordered to consider this a major threat and concentrate their fire on it alone. After a volley of shells and missile fire, the Necron Lord suffered major damage but its internal systems had yet to be breached. The second dreadnought, seeking revenge for his fallen comrade entered the fray. Determined to bring down the foul abomination that had slain his brethren, before the vengeance could be exacted one of the skimmers bought its gauss cannon to bear, shearing off the Dreadnoughts missile pod. Squad tertius reported that the Warriors were gaining the advantage and would soon be laying claim to an objective, this would not be tolerated. Squad tertius opened fire, bringing down just two of the warriors. At the same time the mighty dreadnought hurled a raging ball of plasma at the destroyers, rending one of there number to nothing more than a pool of molten metal. Once again the scouts launched a hail of gunfire at the lord but to no avail, the Lord stood defiant against them. As squad Primus advanced toward the third objective there numbers were diminished by yet more gauss cannon fire. The unit of warriors that were initially observed by squad tertius returned fire, gauss pulses melting the valiant hearts of three of the squad. the dreadnought tried again to bring down another skimmer, however the loss off the missile pod had, it appeared affected the targeting system, and the shot missed it's mark. The skimmer, realising that even a damaged dreadnought is a significant threat, exacted the full power of both gauss cannon and heavy gauss cannon upon the dreadnought. These shots exploited already damaged systems and caused and overload in the power cells destroying the machine and the brave warrior it housed. Then an area of the battle field burst open as a vast quantity of small insect like machines tore up from beneath the ground. Undaunted by this unexpected turn of events squad primus tore the beasts apart with bolter fire, flamer burst and a well aimed plasma shot. The scarabs received enough of a warning that they retreated from the squad. They swarmed over and into squad secundus, ripping holes in the marines armour and lacerating flesh. Two members of squad secundus fell to the swarm. On the other side of the battlefield, three destroyers were preparing to ambush the scout squad. What they had not anticipated was the devastator squad that lay in wait of them. The destroyers entered the devastators’ line of sight and they were immediately cut down by the heavy weapons. Sensing defeat the Necron lord secluded itself from the snipers scopes, instructing it's cohort of warriors to fire upon the weakened squad primus. Their shots found their targets and the squad was soon reduced to just four men. Using their bolters to smash the carapaces of the scarab’s squad’s secundus and tertius obliterated them, only to be further cut down by yet more gauss fire. The Necron lord used its war scythe to cut down two of the remainder of squad primus. Despite a valiant stand the final two were soon sent to the comfort of the Emperor. The scouts were also decimated by gauss fire, although their valiant efforts will be remembered for eternity. Squad Primus were also eradicated. Realising that the battle was lost and the tech could not be retrieved, the remaining soldiers were withdrawn from a world which now belonged to the Necrons. Another crushing defeat at the hand of this inhuman abhorrence. When the chapter next encounters a Necron force they will receive the full fury of Aurelian fury and hatred and not one of them shall leave the battlefield intact, this we swear in the Emperor’s name!

see you all soon.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Stompa, duz zakly wot it sez on da tin!

Another Saturday has passed, and once again victory was snatched from me. This time an Ork Stompa was my downfall, one ten man squad a devastator squad and two dreadnoughts, one armed with a twin linked lascannon and a missile launcher, the other carried a plasma cannon and a missile launcher, not that they helped much. I was pretty much doomed from the roll off. I rolled a 1, my opponent rolled higher, thus the trend was set. on his first turn the Stompa opened up with the Supa-gatla and that was pretty much the end of it. heavy fire from this terrible weapon destroyed one Dreadnought then proceeded on to the first squad, removing four of its number. the weapon was then bought to bear on the dev squad obliterating three men. the other two stood their ground, seeming unfazed by the loss of their comrades. moments later i lost the second Dreadnought. once again the hot metal of Orkish gatla fire rained down upon the tac squad sending another three men to the Emperors grace. the remainder of the squad held their ground in the face of overwhelming odds. another round of red hot death finished of the dev Squad and then the gun fell silent. a moments relent and then the stompas Deth Kannon put an end to this all too brief skirmish. Fortunately i was not alone on this day of infamy. The Stompa went on to decimate Smiffys Chaos force.

despite everything that’s said about them the Orks know how to wield death, it’s almost an art form for them. If i have the misfortune to encounter another of these metal monstrosities, I shall unleash the full force of the Chapter Aurelius and bring it down with lascannon and plasma fire,

I have sacrificed too many men. I've made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space, and we fall back. They destroy entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they've done

Monday, 8 March 2010

War has never been so much fun

Smiffy and I finally finished the Orcs for the shop, and I’ve also made headway into Bens’ Necrons. I had the stonkingly brilliant idea of altering the stance of one of the warriors. I have a spare skull from a set of terminators, so I’ve repositioned the legs of one of the models so that the left foot is resting on the skull. This meant that the right leg had to be straightened. So far it looks good and I hope Ben will be pleased with end result. When it’s finished I’ll post a pic of it alongside a standard warrior so that the difference can be seen. Once the Necrons are done I can crack on with Mike’s Mumak and then I can alternate between finishing the Space Marines and stating the Tau. There have been some significant additions to the Marine army. Including the new plastic venerable Dreadnought, it is a rather nice model and will make a fine addition to the force.

Ben came to the shop on Saturday, he had a game, playing my Necrons against a small marine force, I got first strike, but on his first turn he decimated my force, wiping out one full squad, and half of the second. I lost the other half of the second squad when they routed after failing a moral test. My second turn saw my third squad attempt retaliation, but they only managed to take down four Necron Warriors. Fortunately I managed to immobilise and then stun his Monolith, effectively removing that threat. However, on his second and final turn, he realised that my Devastator heavy weapon squad were a significant threat and proceeded to eliminate them. He then turned the rest of his force on my third and final squad, cutting them down in a frenzy of gauss fire, reducing the squad to just four men. So Ben had a clear victory, hopefully, he’ll be back next week so that I can exact some revenge on him for such a crushing defeat. The Chapter Aurelius are thirsty for blood and no Xenos is safe.

Well I can’t think of anything else so I shall sign off.

Night all