Saturday, 9 October 2010

Time is the fire in which we all burn!

Hello, sorry there hasn’t been a great deal of activity on this blog for a while. it’s completely my fault, mainly because i don’t get the time to write stuff out. a quick update on last months adult gaming session, I lost! The Necrons went up against Chaos daemons and they trounced me. I need to rethink my strategy and, perhaps cheat a little by having a good read through the Daemons codex.

In the coming soon area of GW are the Dark Eldar. Although I didn’t attend Games day, I have seen some of the photos that were taken by people who did attend. Some of the models are astounding, the GW designers have truly out done themselves. No I shall not be starting a new army, I’m having enough trouble with the ones I have.

Forge World have also been busy, not only are there new models for the Orks and Space Marines, the Necron now have the Tomb Stalker. What can I say but “Oh my god, I want at least one!” the model itself is fantastic and if it’s well painted it will look amazing on a table.

As just about every gamer now knows, GW have released The Island of Blood to coincide with the release of WFB 8th edition. As with Assault on Black Reach, GW have done a brilliant job on IoB, The models are very high on the wow factor and the boxed set is incredible value for money. coming in at between £55 to £60, it contains at least £100 worth of models, plus rule book, templates and dice. I haven’t got my copy yet, it’s on my Christmas list. I’m looking forward to learning the WFB rule set, all i need to work out is which army to keep. I took a shine to the Skaven when they were first introduced way back in 1986, back then they were merely a “free gift” team for the original Blood Bowl. it didn’t take too long for the nasty little beggars to became very popular amongst WFB players. With a new set of models from the IoB set and the new army book released earlier this year, I think they make an excellent option as the army choice for my first foray into the olde worlde.

On the event front we have an adult gaming session on Sunday 17th October, I’ve extended an invite to the guys of Kentish Rogues to join us, and hope that we have a contingent of their members join us.

On the subject of the possibility of more people attending the Sunday session, I wonder if it’s worth considering looking for a larger venue for the once a month meet up. Whilst it’s extremely generous of Sue to allow us to use the shop on a Sunday, we are limited to two and a half tables, and if our attendees show an increase, which I hope they do, we will eventually need a larger venue.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to get along to the Kentish Rogues Monday night session, I’ve been tied up with responsibilities at home, but once I do manage to show my face I shall post a report here.

A couple of the guys that come along to the shop on Saturday and Sunday have been and they’ve said that The chaps at KR are a friendly and welcoming group, so I’m keen to get along and meet them.

It’ll be nice to game with new people, and from what I understand some of the guys at Kentish Rogues are open to a spot of good old fashioned RPGing, I wonder if I can get a group interested in a bit of 2nd edition AD&D? here’s hoping!

Well that’s about all for now, may your dice roll well.

Take care.