Sunday, 22 August 2010

Tactics are NOT small minty confections.

There was quite a turn out for today’s session. If this trend continues, we may have to find a larger venue. A warm welcome to Barry and Tim from Kentish Rogues, they were fielding Space Wolves and Eldar. They game at the hamlet hotel and we have an invite to attend and see what they do, their next meeting is Monday 23rd August and they have a meet up every two weeks. I won’t be able to get along this week, but I may go along to the next meeting. They start at 7pm and run through until 10:30, I think. Unfortunately they have an over 18 policy, so the young bloods will have to wait a few years.

Our third new chap was a lad named martin, he fielded Blood Angels against Data and Mickey’s Tyranids and Imperial Guard, an odd teaming but they still lost, tee hee.

Dan and Dave S went up against Barry and Tim, sadly shop duties kept me away from the gaming so I don’t know who played who played who, but I do know that Dave S didn’t fare too well. Dan's report should be arriving soon.

Pete and Ali arrived later in the afternoon and Ali accepted the challenge I made last month to take on her ‘nids.

After a bit of jiggery pokery with my list I finally had it sorted and was ready to lay down some gauss flavoured smackdown on their chitinous hides. I’d even bought three Heavy destroyers for the event. I only fielded two.

So the challenge was met and I won the roll off, Ali attempted to seize initiative but the goddess Randomonia chose not to bless her die and she rolled a three.

The heavy destroyers moved into position, unfortunately only one of them had line of site on anything targetable, the lone destroyer opened fire, hitting the target only to have the wound saved. My squad of five destroyers took position at the far end of two building either side of the road, quickly acquiring target locks on a squad of Genestealers. The destroyers unleashed a torrent of gauss fire, disintegrating ten of the ‘stealers. The Monolith lumbered forward but could not get line of sight on the enemy.

A shot rang out, taking down a destroyer, fortunately the self repair systems started to activate.

The space between the buildings seemed to fill with Genestealers, they used their large claws to gain purchase on the road surface and fell upon the destroyers tearing them asunder, their claws cutting through the metal of the destroyer’s bodies with little effort leaving gleaming debris in their wake.

Two squads of Necron Warriors and a Lord advanced on the stealers, gauss fire reduced them to atoms. The Monolith activated the particle whip in an effort to take down a squad of gaunts that were entrenched between two small buildings; the shot went wide of its mark dissipating harmlessly on one of the buildings. The heavy destroyer fired at a squad of Tyranid Warriors; although one was wounded it was not enough to bring it down.

Beneath the Necron Warriors the ground erupted as a Mawloc burst out of the ground the barbs on the flanks of this monstrosity tore some of the warriors apart, others were crushed under the rubble that fell from the massive beast. The battle was not going well for the Necrons, their only hope now was the Monoliths particle whip and the heavy gauss cannons mounted on the destroyers, but they were destroyed by venom cannon fire. The Nightbringer attempted to injure the Mawloc to no avail as it burrowed back underground. The Necron Lord and a squad of warriors eradicated some of the Genestealers, there was no time to celebrate the victory as the stealers charged into the warriors ripping them asunder, leaving the Lord with no option than to withdraw from the battle, taking the remainder of the Necron force with it.

So there you have it, I suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Tyranids, to add to the humiliation of the loss, I was beaten by an army controlled by a girl.

However, later in the afternoon, Pete, Ali and I had a HQ skirmish, as I had chosen to field the Nightbringer the points were set at 360. Pete fielded The Keeper of Secrets, A Bloodletter and daemonette and Ali chose a Hive Tyrant and a Warrior. It was agreed that we’d roll off at the start of each turn. Pete went first, the two lesser Daemons head for the Nightbringer, whilst the Keeper of secrets made for the Hive Tyrant. Ali’s Tyranids held their ground. The Nightbringer moved towards the heralds. The next turn I went first, I chose to maintain the advance on the lesser daemons. The C’tan sent a lightning arc toward them, inflicting a wound on the Herald of Khorne, the Nightbringer then moved into close assault using the gaze of flame and wounding the herald of Slaanesh. The heralds returned the assault, causing two wounds. The keeper of secrets continued to hunt down the Tyranids. Pete had the initiative for turn three and had gained ground on the Hive Tyrant. Wounds were caused and saved, then the Tyrant wounded the Keeper. His heralds once again attacked the Nightbringer, etheric blast drove the Daemonette from the fray and the lesser daemon failed to cause any wounds. The retaliation was a little more successful and Khornes herald became nothing more than a memory. Ali’s turn saw her attempt to slay the Keeper of Secrets but her efforts were fruitless and cost her dearly as the Keeper ended its life. The warrior ran away, My Necron God finished of the remaining herald and then turned its attention to the Keeper. Whilst it took a turn or two, it was a mighty fight, one worthy of the inhuman entities that were locked together in a struggle for victory. The Keeper failed to inflict any wounds, however this was not the case for the Nightbringer, it caused four wounds on the keeper of Secrets. The only thing to do now was to seek out revenge for the earlier Necron defeat. The warrior had encamped in a building. Since the Nightbringer was too large to fit inside it had no other option than to attempt to bring the warrior to its end with the lightning arc. Many volleys were exchanged but none of the warriors hit home, and under a constant barrage of lightning the warrior eventually fell.

A fitting end to a good day, I’m happy with the result of my second game, and I had two very worthy opponents. A huge thanks to everyone that turned up today, I look forward to doing it again on the 19th of September.