Monday, 7 May 2012

A change is coming

So here’s the state of things. For many years now I have supervised a post 16 gaming group of warhammer 40k gamers. Generally we have a good bunch of lads who get on well together and there’s very little friction within the group. We have had the odd unpleasant player but the lads that attend regularly won’t stand for any unsporting behaviour and any one who comes along with any negativity is soon made aware that they are not going to get away with behaving the way they do and the bad apples soon realise that they need to either shape up or ship out. The owner of the shop has a deep seated trust in me and has allowed me to hold a set of keys for the shop, taking this into consideration I enquired about the possibility of starting up a monthly session for the older players that don’t always get to play on a Saturday, this was met with a positive reaction and so I started up a Sunday session. Initially this started out well with regular attendance and players, but I’ve felt for a long time now that those players deserve more, unfortunately I had to cancel the last Sunday session and I haven’t managed to arrange a session for May. So I spoke to the power that is and suggested the idea of a fortnightly session. This has been given the green light and we have our first session this coming Thursday. I’m looking forward to it as it will mean that I may get to play a bit more regularly. I’m hoping that I will get a game against Smiffy as he is my favourite opponent, I have had some of my most enjoyable games against him and when I battle Smiffy I usually discover a gap in my army. First it was the absence of Snipers and then Assault squad, OK the Assault Squads aren’t painted but they’re on the to do list, ten of the little blighters that I’m sure I can have painted and ready for battle in a weekend. So when Dreadfleet is finished and before I start my next big project I shall paint the Assault Squads and then death will rain from the skies (insert evil laugh here!) On the subject of new projects, it’s been three years since I bought Space Hulk and it’s still unpainted, so the next project is actually going to be two. When the main project is completed it will probably mean a new case as the Space Marine army is getting very large and the second army will no doubt need an army case of its own. Space Hulk will mean the purchase of a Battle Foam set, if they’re still doing it by then.

So that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have some positive feedback from Thursday, I’ll keep you posted.