Sunday, 15 January 2012

Grrrrrr! Bloomin’ Tyranids, flippin’ Imperial Guard

It’s been a while since the last entry that was actually a proper 40k post. Well this one’s more of a rant than a game post, yes I know the rants usually go on the other blog but today I feel like have a gaming rant.

I haven’t had a game of 40k since November when Smiffy and I played the clash of heroes, which I lost badly. The December adult session was pretty much a Dreadfleet day, Dan, Data, Mikey and me had a blooming good laugh blowing up each others ships and “firing at the she bears” you had to be there. I was so inspired by the game that I started painting my models for it, there’s still a lot to be done but I’m really enjoying painting the set.

Today, Sunday 15 January, was the first adult gaming day of 2012 and I was really looking forward to it. I arrived a bit late to find Mike waiting, but IU needed to do a quick trip to the shop before I could do anything. However we were soon in the shop and setting up for the first game. Necrons against Imperial Guard, I was using the old codex I’m still reluctant to use the new codex until I get the models painted. The game lasted for four turns, Mikeys

plasma fire was doing some serious damage to my ‘crons. My Monolith took out his heavy weapon squad before they could administer any serious harm, but those rotten plasma cannon and guns were a real pain. Destroyers fell to them and the the Warriors started to be whittled down until I was forced to phase out.

The second game was my Space Marine against Datas Tyranids, why did I bother? I put two Whirlwinds on the table, this seemed like a good idea at the start. The Whirlwinds took out a squad of ten Genestealers that were hiding in a ruined building, but that was about it. I lost one whirlwind to one of the nasty things that have a strange name that you need copious amounts of alcohol to be able to pronounce, and then some Genestealers appeared and obliterated a Devastator squad. A Mawloc type thing ate my Terminator squad. For my third turn I planned to have my Librarian hit the Genestealers with Vortex of Doom and then have a tactical squad clean up what was left. The problem was that I used a scout squad to shoot before I made any moves which meant that I wouldn’t be able to move the Librarian or the Tac squad, this put paid to my cunning plan. I was so annoyed at having made such a stupid mistake that I felt there was no point in continuing the game so I cleared the table. I’ve never done that before but I’ve played against datas ‘nids so many times now that I knew he’d exploit my mistake and I wouldn’t have seen turn three with anything of any worth on the table. I suspect he would have taken down the Scouts although considering the threat that a Librarian could pose, that may have been his next target along with the squad he was attached to.

So two rather nasty defeats today and a lesson learned, never play Data when he’s fielding Tyranids, I miss Smiffy, at least I have a fighting chance against him.

Oh well, better luck next time!