Monday, 7 February 2011

In box review


Furioso Dreadnought

I collected one from the shop today, I know it’s a bit late and a few of you may already have had a chance to see the contents of the long anticipated dreadnought model. So where do I start, well i guess the obvious place is the box. The art work is up to GWs usual standard, the front of the box features a diorama photo of all three variants that can be put together. The Furioso itself, a Death Company Dreadnought and a Librarian Dreadnought. The back of the box has photographs of the details from each variant.

So what about the contents? After tearing open the cellophane, I took a moment to feel the weight of the box, I think it’s a bit light. Considering there’s three variants in the box i was expecting a bit more, opening the box I have to admit I was a little disappointed to find the standard Dreadnought base. I would think that particular base is getting a little tired now and fielding three Dreads that are all on the same style base can be dull. To be honest I would prefer a plain base and either bits on the sprue to make the base individual or leave the base design to the person who has bought the model. The instruction manual is well presented and not too confusing, it has detailed instructions for the variants, something I find a bit odd as it is, after all a Dreadnought and goes together like any other dreadnought. Moving on to the sprues, there’s only two. Again I was expecting something more, considering the amount of stuff that is available for the models I felt there would be at least three. However, on closer examination it’s clear that the boffins at GW have done their homework and crammed a great deal of components on the sprues making use of every available space on the frames. The components for the legs and feet are also Dreadnought standard, considering the fluff for these things says that they are old, would be too much bother to change the design to represent and older version of the Dreadnought? or do they all have to be MKV?SDC10063The quality of the moulding seems to be above average and there were no discernable flashings or mould lines, that will make it a bit easier to paint. The individual sarcophagus pieces are very well detailed and display a lot of character for each type. One thing I did notice is that a lot of the Blood Angel iconography can be quite easily removed through careful use of a sharp blade and gentle filing.


Like the recent Storm Raven release GW claim that the three available variants are exclusive to the blood angels, but I really don’t see why other chapters wouldn’t place highly decorated and revered psychers in a Dreadnought so that they can continue to serve the Emperor, after all a great deal of training and experience is tied up in a Librarian so I believe that they would want to keep that warrior around to train potential librarians and as a last resort unleash them on an unsuspecting foe in the darkest hours of a battle.

My overall impression of the kit is good and I would rate it very high, despite the Blood Angel markings the kit will prove a hit for BA players and general fans of the mighty Dreadnought, I don’t doubt that there are many people who have plans to adapt some aspects of the kit into their existing armies. Magna grapples may prove useful and who wouldn’t want a Librarian Dreadnought stomping over that battlefield and slicing through enemies with its Nemesis Force Weapon?

So I plan to build and paint a (non Blood Angels) Librarian, probably as a display piece but I may get to field it if my opponent is feeling brave.