Sunday, 13 June 2010

I do not like the bitter taste of defeat!

Another mid month Sunday has come and gone, a small turn out this month but I think it’s better to have a small amount of players than a large turnout than have people sitting around waiting and getting bored.

My game was rather a struggle today, Necrons v Tau 1500 points.

The force comprised of 40 warriors, 6 destroyers, a monolith, a Necron lord and the Nightbringer. I started out thinking that it was going to be a walkover. I was mistaken! It went pear shaped from the get go when I failed my seize the initiative roll. The Tau took position and opened up on the Monolith with rail gun fire, successfully disabling one of the gauss flux arc emitters. I soon lost a destroyer, to the Hammerheads rail gun, damaged beyond repair. At this point the Tau appeared to be retreating, strange that they should initiate a skirmish then withdraw after releasing a few ineffective shots. The Necrons then noticed movement in the copse on the outskirts of the deserted town, Kroot! A subservient race now allied with the Tau Empire. The Monolith unleashed the particle whip in an effort to force these forest dwellers out of hiding. Certain that, at least, some of their numbers were eradicated by this shot. To ensure that the Kroot were bought down, the warriors to the starboard side of the monolith flooded the woodland with gauss fire. This time the panicked howls of the remaining Kroot indicated that they had, indeed, lost some of their comrades. However, these Kroot appear to have strong hearts. They tree line fell silent as the destroyers moved in. Again gauss fire bathed the trees, and again there was no indication of how many of the Kroot were bought down.

The Tau retaliated for the loss of some, if not all of the jungle fighters. Once again opening up with rail guns on the Monolith, this time to no avail, the shots were absorbed by the hull of the machine. Then from above several small disk like machines fell upon a squad of warriors, temporarily disabling one of their numbers. The Necron Lord realised how the Tau intended to fight this battle, hit and run tactics. In response the warriors introduced the drones to the effects of gauss and incinerated them. The remaining destroyers once again fired into the woods, still unsure of the status of the threat the Necron Lord bought his staff of light to bear and decimated the Kroot. Confident that this particular enemy would no longer be an issue he turned his attention to the battle ahead. The monolith released another particle whip, this time on the hammerhead. The rail gun mounted on its hull posed a major threat to the entire force. Although the shot struck home it had no effect. The destroyers turned their weapons on the hammerhead, these shots were also wasted, possibly the Tau have some form of ablative armour which is resistant to gauss fire. Meanwhile the warriors began to advance. The Tau rail guns sounded again, a shot found its mark and the monolith sank to the ground immobilised, another shot tore through the hull of the Monolith. The light from the interior flickered twice and then went dark, effectively removing the monolith from the fight. Just as the Monolith fell silent more of the Tau force appeared behind it. They opened fire on the Nightbringer, with no effect. The warriors sprang to their gods defence and removed the offenders from existence. The Necron Lord raised his war scythe above his head then he and forty Necron warriors vanished, above a squad of pathfinders a haze appeared, for a moment it seemed that the lord and the squad of warriors were about to descend upon the Tau, but fate plays a fickle hand. The exit vortex could not maintain stability, snapping shut and sealing the lord and the warriors nowhere, lost in the void. Leaving just ten warriors in the fight and the Nightbringer the Tau rained down upon the warriors with flamers reducing the squad to just six warriors, realising this fight was lost the Nightbringer vanished into the void, taking the remaining warriors with him and removing all trace of the Necron presence. It would seem the Tau are a threat, the rail guns are powerful enough to tear a Monolith apart, a Necron fleet will be despatched to the Tau home world and they shall offered a choice, join us, or die!

The next Adult gaming Sunday will be on the 18th of July, I think I’ll give the Chapter Aurelius a chance to show the Tau the meaning of the word defeat.