Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pease Take Note

Hello gang,
A bit of a grumble, last Saturday a few of those attending the gaming day were more than a little uncontrollable. PLEASE, remember that we are in the public eye and have to set a good example. the way the guys behave is a direct reflection on the shop. when young folk are running around shouting and playing about, customers don't want to come in. no customers means that Sue's business is at risk. we MUST do everything possible to show members of the public that the average 14-18 year olds are not out of control louts. It came very close to people getting injured last week. this will NOT be tolerated. If you want to run around like mad things, please find the appropriate location to do so. the shop isn't it. In direct response to last Saturday, Sue and I ask that you limit the amount of high energy drinks you have when at the shop. if you want to hang out with your mates, be somewhere else.
Message ends